Monday, March 21, 2011

Amazon Prime

The past year I have learned that going shopping with Lincoln is much harder than running around town in my pre-baby days. Sometimes is just seems like such a job to pack the diaper bag, load him into the car, remember the shopping cart cover, make sure I have snacks/formula/bottle/diapers etc . . . You get the point! Also the kiddo functions best when he is on a schedule, so I am always planning our shopping outings around his naps, which gives me only a small window of time to get to the store - get what I need - get home. No more window shopping or taking my time. So this year we signed up for Amazon Prime! It is the best! I can shop when ever I want and I get to read tons of product reviews which I think is especially important when buying baby stuff. It only costs $79 a year and you get FREE two-day shipping. It is so nice to be able to research and shop from home while Lincoln is napping. I would really recommend it to anyone because you can buy tons of stuff from amazon! In the past few months we have purchased:

Now all I want to do is shop on Amazon. I think I might have an addiction with no money to support it. It is so much fun to get packages in the mail all the time!

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Vanessa said...

I'm obsessed with Amazon. They have everything and I do the Prime too and it's SO WORTH IT. LOVE