Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Again

So it is Mother's Day again. I have to say that Mother's Day has not been the best holiday for me. I have been a mother for 2 Mother's Days now and they both have not been the best. Last year I was in a lot of pain from giving birth to little Lincoln (I sound like a big wimp because he was 3 weeks old, but I vividly remember the pain on this day last year). I am pretty sure I had ran out of my prescription for Percocet. It was an easy labor and delivery, but a tough recovery. This year it looked like Mother's Day was going to be great, but last night Lincoln decided to remind me that my job is never-ending! It is 24 hours a day! He was up from 1 am until 6 am moaning and crying. He has a cold and is cutting a tooth. Maybe the 3rd time is the charm? Despite it all, being a mom really is the BEST!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Someone is 1 year old!

Stats at 12 months:
weight - 22 lbs (35th percentile)
length - 29.25 in (25th percentile)
head circumference - 18 in (25th percentile)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My New Life

You MUST watch this video. This woman is AMAZING! She has so much courage. Definitely an inspirational person! I don't know this woman, but she blogs here. I can't stop thinking about her story! It has made a big impression on me and made me re-evaluate my life and priorities. (I also had a good cry!)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

My wedding dress . . .

. . . will be missed. I sold it today on I really loved that dress. The moment I tried it on I knew it was "the one"! It has been sitting in a closet at my parents house for the past 3 years, so I figured it was time to let someone else enjoy it. The girl I sold it to is getting married in 2 weeks at the Newport Beach Temple and was desperate to find a dress. She had one custom made, but it is too short. My dress is exactly what she wanted! I guess I am happy to help someone out!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

what we did today

Mark and I are enjoying the mountains of Colorado this week since he is on spring break. We had a relaxing day! Here is what we did:

Played with our favorite toys!

Went swimming

Enjoyed a snow storm and mountain views from the condo

It was a pretty good day

Monday, March 21, 2011

Amazon Prime

The past year I have learned that going shopping with Lincoln is much harder than running around town in my pre-baby days. Sometimes is just seems like such a job to pack the diaper bag, load him into the car, remember the shopping cart cover, make sure I have snacks/formula/bottle/diapers etc . . . You get the point! Also the kiddo functions best when he is on a schedule, so I am always planning our shopping outings around his naps, which gives me only a small window of time to get to the store - get what I need - get home. No more window shopping or taking my time. So this year we signed up for Amazon Prime! It is the best! I can shop when ever I want and I get to read tons of product reviews which I think is especially important when buying baby stuff. It only costs $79 a year and you get FREE two-day shipping. It is so nice to be able to research and shop from home while Lincoln is napping. I would really recommend it to anyone because you can buy tons of stuff from amazon! In the past few months we have purchased:

Now all I want to do is shop on Amazon. I think I might have an addiction with no money to support it. It is so much fun to get packages in the mail all the time!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

LOVE this lamp

It is perfection, right? The color, the shape - and the best thing, it was free! Yeah, that's right!!! Since I am a soon-to-be home owner, all I can think about is decorating, painting, etc . . . Free is awesome, especially when it's a true vintage lamp from the 1970's. I know you love it! If you don't, you're CRAZY!